Ghost Hunting Tips

Here are posts that provide tips on how to Ghost Hunt:

Before You Decide to Ghost Hunt

Survival Tips While Ghost Hunting

The Singapore Theory

Parapsychology: Information all Ghost Hunters Should Know

Signs of Demonic Presence

Ghost Hunting Equipment: EVP Field Processor

Television Ghost Shows vs. Reality

Digital Voice Recorders and Ghost Hunting

Spirit Boxes P-SB7

Using Flashlights to Communicate with Ghosts

Initial Ghost Hunting Forms

White Light Protection

Ghost Hunting in a Cemetery

Ghost Hunting: Keeping a Written Log

Ghost Radar and EVP Questions

How to Review Paranormal Evidence

Where to Find Ghosts

Cold Spots

Red Beam Flashlights

Assembling a Ghost Hunting Team

Banish Ghosts: Smudging

Full Spectrum Cameras


More About Poltergeists

Research to do Before a Ghost Investigation

Pros and Cons of Laser Grids

Ghost Radar App

How do Ghosts Communicate?

Occam's Razor


Old Hag Syndrome

Do Entities Follow You Home?

Intelligent Hauntings

Residual Hauntings

What's Not a Ghost?

Do's and Don't's of Ghost Hunting

The Ouija Board

The Fear Box

AVP's Versus EVP's

Healthy Skepticism

Traits of a Good Paranormal Investigator

Noises that go "Bump in the Night"

Thrills and Chills

We Are Volunteers

Preparing for an Investigation

Battery Drain

Ghost Photography

The Optimum Time to Ghost Hunt

Electromagnetic Field Meters (EMF's)

Respecting Spirits

Trigger Objects

Best Way to Capture Evidence

Kestral Hand Held Weather Station

The Constantino's Unique Way of Doing EVP's

Using DVR Cameras in Investigations

Protective Spirits

Common Encounters with Ghosts

"Convinced Myself I Seek Not to Convince"

Shack Hacks

Ghost Trigger Object--Response Stuffed Bear

Darkness Radio Event

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