Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Ghost That Screamed

A former paranormal show on Destination America entitled, Casefiles Unknown first presented this story.

One segment entitled, The Ghost That Screamed talks about a teenager who died in a car crash in 1984.

Photo of the car crash. Photo credit: Big Picture Agency, Inc.

Four teenagers were driving near the Hyde Park golf course headed to a rock concert on a foggy, wet street when the 4-wheel-drive they were in hit a curve and left the road and crashed into a group of trees.

Two teenage boys and one girl survived the impact. The fourth a 16-year-old boy seated in the front passenger seat died at the scene of the crash.

When Officer Brian Coyle and his partner of the St. Paul Police Department arrived at the scene—the fourth teenager was wedged inside the car under the dashboard. Coyle took several photographs at the crash site.

Several days after he turned the department camera into the Film Property Room, he received a call from the officer who developed the photos he snapped at the crash site. This officer requested he should stop by.

Coyle was shown the photos from the scene. There were images on these snapshots that had not been there at the time they were taken.

Several had strange red and yellow lights streaking through them. In another one taken above the driver’s side door--there was a face that appeared to be in agony and was screaming.

This image had both distinct hair and profile. Neither officer had an explanation for what they were looking at.

Photo: Big Picture Agency, Inc.
Another clear image in this photo was outlined clearly on the driver’s side door. It was the translucent figure of a Labrador dog sitting.

These photos were taken before the advent of digital photography and photoshop.

Later, several experts who were consulted could not explain several of the images that appeared in these photos. For a long time, Officer Coyle did not address this issue in public, knowing how the friends and family of the deceased boy felt.

It has been over 30 years since this accident occurred, but these photos still elicit strong emotional responses.

A psychic who contacted Officer Coyle afterward feels that the face is the image of the boy’s soul leaving his body—he is resisting—saying “no” because dying was not what he expected that December evening two days after Christmas.

As for the dog—it is a Chocolate Lab—it was the deceased teen’s pet—which had passed away before the crash. The psychic feels this dog was sent to escort its master with other spirit guides to the afterlife—proving pets have souls too. 

Click to enlarge the first photo on this post--dog outline can be seen clearly. Plus look past the hood of the crashed car--three fuzzy figures are standing between the trees.


Unknown said...

It's stuff like this that really gets you thinking. I am fast becoming at believer. 😓

Anonymous said...

I realize that they want to protect the boys family but it would be helpful to have a picture of the boy, and even his dog to be even more convincing.

Virginia Lamkin said...

I have never worried about additional evidence. I believe the witness.

Unknown said...

This is one of the best and creepiest pictures i have ever seen.

nccmrm97 said...

There are those who will discount it by saying that it's only a matrix/pareidolia.

Virginia Lamkin said...

The chances are even, either way.