Friday, August 7, 2015

Indiana: Cry Baby Bridge

This story is told about an old bridge located on County Road 675 near Anderson, Indiana. Anderson is located in the middle of Indiana in Madison County.

Crybaby Bridge near
Anderson, Indiana.
It is said that at midnight, people for years have heard the sounds of a baby crying below this bridge. Some witnesses state that they hear the sounds of water splashing after the baby's cries.

One familiar backstory states a baby was thrown from the backseat after a car accident on this bridge. The impact killed it, and ever since, people have claimed to hear this baby crying.

Another story told in the late 1950s, states that a teenage unwed mother delivered her baby in the backseat of a car—she then threw it over the railing of this bridge.

This story becomes even darker when it mentions this baby did not land in the water but instead landed on a bank, where it was severely injured at impact.

Its cries horrified the mother, and she left in a panic. Several other cars passed, and they heard the screams, but they did not stop to investigate.

This baby finally died several hours later, from exposure and its injuries. When the body was found, the authorities could not identify it.

The mother's guilt drove her to return to the bridge several more times—each time she heard her baby’s cries.

This legend then caught on, and others began to claim they heard the baby crying as well.

This backstory has drawn many people to this bridge—be forewarned, the residents call the police if there is activity on this bridge late at night. This is because there has been considerable vandalism in the area.

Cry Baby Bridge stories are common in America. South Carolina has a bridge with a similar tale connected to it, like the one above.

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Chris mcclellan said...

Me and the wife was this bridge today, magnet fishing. She after a that she had an overwhelming feeling to jump. Maybe the splashing stirred up something supernatural. She said she having this thought if jumped would be.

Aileoe said...

The White River bridge in Muncie next to Westside Park makes me want to jump. It's not a suicidal feeling at all. It just feels like I'm supposed to jump. My heart rases, and I get a crazy adrenaline rush.