Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spirit Boxes P-SB7

The “P-SB7 Ghost EVP Box” is used to collect EVP’s. It basically does the same thing as shack hacks or Franks Boxes etc. So it is a “white noise” devise. 

The Spirit Box doesn’t make as much noise as the others—so it is easier to filter things out. When this box came out in 2010 some ghost hunters questioned if this “cleaner noise” would actually not be good because it is the noise that allows or helps the spirits to communicate. Several people have found this really isn’t a factor.

Warning-- if you don’t like white noise this sound regardless of its level can be irritating. In fact, I know investigators who will not use this kind of a devise because this sound drives them batty. Others it does not bother at all. I have placed a video of a Spirit Box at the bottom of this post so you can hear the sound it makes.

A while back I wrote a post about shack hacks—I featured this devise because it is a cheaper route to take when using white noise during EVP sessions. But recently some of the newer smaller Radio Shack radios cannot be hacked so I decided to share what I know about Spirit Boxes.

First, Spirit Boxes have features that older versions do not have. The SB7 model allows the user to adjust the speeds, other white noise devices do not do this. One word of caution here--these higher speeds and the noise it generates again irritate some people. 

A feature that I find especially nice is the Spirit Box has a small built in speaker, which allows the user to listen with headphones or connect to an external speaker or computer.

The SB7 allows the user to sweep both AM and FM frequencies like the older versions but it also sweeps in reverse. One really nice feature is the Spirit Box is small, about the size of an mp3 player so it is much more portable. You can buy used Spirit Boxes on ebay for around $79.00—with bidding I imagine they go for less.

Having mentioned the above information let me state that I have personally stepped back from using white noise. This does not mean others shouldn’t use it—mine is just a personal choice. It is always fun to experiment with a variety of tools. 

One reason I no longer use these devises is because as I have learned more I have discovered I want to spend my time gathering evidence that provides more provable results and can be duplicated. Using white noise affords neither of these things. 

An investigator I admire pointed out what you hear with white noise is nothing more than pareidolia—meaning our minds take this random background noise it hears and tries to make sense of it.

Again, if you like white noise devises go for it—I just am giving my opinion.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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