Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mommy, Daddy Came and Left You a Kiss

A drunk driver in a green Cadillac ran a red light causing a 6-car pile up on the highway.

A mother trapped in her car tried to free her hands from her car’s mangled steel. She desperately wanted to turn and check her backseat. She couldn’t see her twins--she prayed they had been thrown clear.

Firemen came and cut her loose, she kept asking them to check on her boys. But when they searched the car they found no other passengers.

The mother insisted her boys must be in the backseat but when they checked again they found two car seats with their seatbelts intact. She must be confused. She just thought her sons were in the car.

When one fireman turned to question her further he saw her running between the other crashed cars. She was shouting, “Please help me find my boys. They’re 4 years old and both are wearing red shirts with blue jeans that match.”

A police officer hearing the commotion came forward and told her that her twins were okay and that they were in the back of his squad car.

As he showed her to his car he explained they told me their daddy put them in my unit. I have searched for him but it appears he has fled the scene. This will not be good for him.

The mother hugged both boys crying. She then turned back to the officer. “He could not have fled the scene because their father died over a year ago.”

The policeman shook head and stated, “but how can that be?”

The twins overhearing the two adults conversation took turns talking to their mother.

“Mommy, daddy came and left you a kiss.”

He told me not to worry that you would be all right.”

“He then put us in this car. We begged him to stay but he hugged us both and said he had to go.

“He said that we would understand when we grow up.”

“He told us to be good boys and not to fuss.”

“We didn’t.”

“He told us to tell you that he is watching over us.”

The mother believed them for she remembered her husband’s last words, “I will watch over you.”

Later that night at the police station the officer told his peers. “A guardian angel was at the accident on the highway tonight.” 

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