Thursday, August 18, 2011

White Light Protection

This form of protection is a method both investigators and clients can use if they want to protect themselves from or get rid of unwanted paranormal activity. 

Investigators typically do this ritual before an investigation and during if needed. Clients can do it whenever they sense or notice the activity. White light protection is a form of visualization.

Some spirits like to play with an investigator or clients’ emotions—this is one way a spirit can attach to a living person. Some people believe spirits can attack them in this way. 

The only prerequisite in order to use this protection is just to be aware. 

If you know how you normally feel, think and react in typical circumstances, you can better determine if you are experiencing subtle emotional shifts which might indicate a spirit is playing with you. 

The white light ritual can prevent this from happening and it can also banish the activity.

The best thing about “White Light Protection” is it is extremely easy to do. Plus you don’t have to be religious for it to work. But if you are religious you can say a simple prayer as you visualize your protective light.

How to use White Light Protection

As mentioned above this method uses visualization. In its simplest form the person just visualizes a white light surrounding them—forming a protective barrier where nothing can touch or harm them. 

This light does not have to be white it can be a person’s favorite color or a veritable rainbow of colors. Each person should choose what color or colors that works for them.

Some people visualize this light as a bubble that surrounds them while expanding outward in a kind of protective force field. Others visualize an egg-shaped sphere of brilliant light completely surrounding them –from head to toe. 

Once you have formed one of these images in your mind you just continue to focus on the light making it a more solid barrier of protection that nothing can cross. At this point you can state a prayer of protection if this is your belief.

Clients that are bothered by activity at night often do this ritual before they go to bed.

You can use this method for just yourself or you can protect loved ones, your house or even your car. You can just visualize the light surrounding others or your entire home or car. 

Some believe if they use this method on a regular basis, in the morning and at night, it will over time build up a strong shield of protection that is with them always.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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Leona Joan said...

This is a wonderful idea. I also like to envision the White Light, for me The Holy Spirit, protecting my loved ones too. God is with us always. ❤