Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Purring Ghost

Much has been made about haunted objects recently. This kind of phenomena has been noticed for years. Minerals, and building materials are known to store what is referred to as residual energy. Antiques seem to be particularly susceptible to this phenomenon.

John Izzard in his book entitled “Ghosts” retells the story of a haunted antique desk. I really like this story because it involves a ghost cat. What I find interesting about this story is that the owner of the desk claimed that once she understood the history of the desk the activity then ceased.

I have met several people over the years that once they understood the history or knew the story behind the activity they were experiencing they then became much more accepting or even in some cases became attached to it.

This story takes place in an English village. Izzard writes that an English writer by the name of Mrs. Williams bought an antique desk from a second hand store. She was excited because it was exactly the size and shape she was looking for. She knew this desk would give her a comfortable place to write.

Once the desk was delivered Mrs. Williams started writing, she found the desk inspired her creativity. But she experienced something even more unexpected. From day to day as she sat writing she noticed she had a companion—an invisible purring cat. At first she though it must be a cat outside her window purring in the sunshine. Perplexed she heard the cat purring even when it rained.

Amazed she realized that the cat wasn’t outside at all. In fact, the sound was actually coming from under her desk. She could almost see the cat curled contently near her feet. Every time she sat at the desk it was there purring at her feet. So when it brushed against her legs it didn’t surprise her. In fact one day this ghost cat even jumped into her lap.

Curious she returned to the second hand store where she had bought the desk to ask if they knew anything about its history. The shopkeeper told her that a lady who bred and raised Siamese cats had owned it. After this she never felt or heard her furry companion again.

The two main theories that explain the presence of a residual haunting are the observer’s own emotional state or sensitivity to weather conditions, such as high humidity or barometric pressure. Whatever the cause, this kind of activity is always intriguing.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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