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Haunted Electric Chair: Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert “Ted” Bundy was one of the most notorious murderers in United States history. In fact, the term “serial killer” was first coined to describe his crimes. 

Bundy murdered and raped scores of young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978.

It is not known exactly how many murders Bundy committed but before he was executed he confessed to more than 30. 

Most believe Bundy was a sociopath who most likely killed his first victim when he was just 15 years old. 

Bundy was well-educated, the people who knew him described him as being very likable and charming.

He was able to hide his true nature, for the crimes he committed were very brutal.  

Typically he raped and murdered or murdered then raped (necrophilia) his victims. He killed his young female victims--young woman and girls-- by bludgeoning them or sometimes by strangulation.

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After a prison escape and a nationwide manhunt Bundy was finally tried and then executed in the electric chair in January of 1989 for his crimes.

In April of 2001, a guard who was retired from the Florida State prison in Raiford, Florida, where Ted Bundy was executed, told a Tampa newspaper the following very disturbing and chilling story, under the condition they not publish his name. *

This guard told a reporter that after Bundy was put to death that he and several other prison guards saw Ted Bundy as they entered the room where the electric chair is located. 

He stated that Ted Bundy was just sitting in the electric chair casually—that he was not strapped in. The guard described how Bundy would smile a “very knowing smile” as a greeting when they entered the room.

This guard told the reporter that when he or his fellow guards tried to speak to Bundy he would vanish. 

He also stated that at one point there were so many sightings of Bundy in this room that prison officials couldn’t find any guards willing to enter the room.

Bundy has also been seen by guards near the holding cell, where he was kept for the last few hours of his life. 

All the guards that reported seeing him here stated that Bundy spoke to them. He said the same thing to each of them, “Well, I beat all of you didn’t I?”

The reporter was told that because so many guards saw Bundy and reported it, that the warden and his staff pulled each of them aside individually and warned them they were not to talk about what they had seen, or they would be fired. 

Several guards didn’t stay around long enough to hear the warden’s warning because after seeing Bundy more than once, they quit.

* I find this story very morbid but fascinating--so I place it here. Since the one witness willing to talk has remained anonymous it leaves the reader with a question as to whether anyone actually saw Ted Bundy as reported.

Update: Just this week, May 22, 2013 inmates at the Florida State Prison, now known as Union Correctional Institution have reported sightings of Ted Bundy's ghost.

Here is a 2-minute recording of Art Bell on Coast to Coast talking about Bundy's ghost.

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