Friday, May 11, 2012

Australia: The Vengeful Ghost

Over forty years ago a young innocent teenage girl was walking along the road near Jenny Dixon Beach in Australia. She had gotten off work late and was making her way home when five unscrupulous young men forced her into their car. 

She was brutally beaten, gang raped and then thrown out of the car. Left for dead at Jenny Dixon Beach she was taken to a local hospital. She survived just long enough for her father to reassure her that those responsible would be punished.

This crime was sensationalized in newspaper headlines in the 1970s but the five ruthless young friends who were suspected of this heinous crime were never arrested or convicted. Evidence to prove their guilt was never substantiated. It is said that because of this the victims’ spirit has never been able to rest in peace.

Shortly after her death it is said her spirit became active. In a bizarre twist to this tale her ghost is said to seek revenge. The first of the five friends that were suspected complained that a ghost was hounding him, it is said he hung himself. 

Later that same year, the second friend was involved in a car accident. As he lay dying he stated that he had swerved off the road to avoid hitting a female figure that appeared out of nowhere. Other witnesses at the scene stated they had not see this figure.

The third friend also took his own life. Before his death he told people that a ghostly apparition was tormenting him. He drove his car off a cliff. 

The fourth friend stated he had picked up a female hitchhiker but as he neared Noraville Road the girl just disappeared. It is said that no one believed his story but afterwards he slowly went mad. While driving on the Pacific Highway he drove his car off an embankment, yet another suicide.

The fifth friend also complained of being tortured by a ghost. It is said he moved away from the area and was working for a circus. But the ghost followed him. He stated that he was living in a continual nightmare where this spirit hounded him both day and night.

Just as this story started to die down in the papers other witnesses started to see this ghost as well. One police report mentions a physician who was vacationing in the area and was not aware of the ghostly tale. He picked up a young female hitchhiker walking near the beach. In the police report he states that this girl just disappeared as his car neared Noreville Road. It is said he went into shock when told about the local ghost. 

Over the forty years since the girl’s tragic death there have been over fifty sightings of her ghost. The local police have a growing stack of reports given by witnesses to this phenomenon. The police have even witnessed it firsthand. Two officers early one morning picked up a young female hitchhiker alongside the road. She disappeared as they approached Norah Head Cemetery. What is interesting is how similar all these reports are.

One male witness that saw the ghost forty years ago recounts how the girl would only get in the backseat of his car. He vividly remembers how he tried to engage her in conversation but she would not speak. As he neared the cemetery he glanced in his rear view mirror and was shocked to see she was no longer in his car.

Recent witness accounts from both locals and tourists are very similar to this man’s account. The girl is always offered a ride as she walks along the roads near the beach in the Central Coast area. She always insists upon sitting in the backseat and she never talks. She always disappears as the car she is in nears the Norah Head Cemetery. 

Two other strange consistencies in these reports are that a lit cigarette is often found in the seat after she disappears and that her grave at Norah Head appears to be “disturbed” each time she appears.

Some state the reason she still haunts the area is because she is waiting to take her final revenge on the fifth ruthless boy who took her innocence and life.

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