Monday, October 15, 2012

Traditional Signs Ghosts are Present

The following signs that ghosts are present are based in folklore and superstitions. But many people feel that some of these are still good indicators that there might be paranormal activity present. 

The following list reflects beliefs from various parts of the world, most originated in Europe or in the Americas.

If you are scared you might have a ghost consider these…

If the flame of a candle burns blue it might mean a ghost is present.

If a bat flies into your house it means ghosts are in your house, in fact a ghost most likely flew in with the bat.

The next is a common belief you have probably heard. If a cat crosses your path it is a sign ghosts are near. Some believe it has to be a black or old cat but regardless it means a ghost is present.

If you are walking along a road at night and you hear a stick break it means a ghost is near.

If you believe in ghosts consider these…

If a small whirlwind of dust kicks up at your feet it is a sign a ghost is passing.

If you are walking along a road at night and you walk into a current of warm air you have walked into a ghost.

If you are walking anywhere and you feel a vibration in the center of your body a ghost has walked through you.

Consider these visual clues a ghost is around…

If you see a glowing luminous light it is a ghost. If you stare at it—it will vanish.

If you see lights dancing about and they vanish when you approach them it is a ghost or ghosts.

If you see any lights moving around in a graveyard it is a guarantee ghosts are about.

Two more clues ghosts are present…

This is an old one. If you are talking to someone in winter and you see they are wearing living green birch leaves you are most likely talking to a ghost. The belief is ghosts wear birch leaves as a promise that they will return to the other world.

This one is an all time classic—ghosts do not cast shadows therefore if you are talking to someone in sunlight or moonlight and they do not cast a shadow you are talking to a ghost.

If you do not believe in ghosts then go ahead and ignore these signs. But I am just saying…take care for you never know.

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