Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ghost Hunting Equipment: EVP Field Processor

One of the latest inventions, introduced to the public in 2010, to add to a ghost hunter’s “must have” list is an EVP Field Processor (EFP) developed by Larry Odien for the American Paranormal Research Association. 

This piece of equipment is a simple but effective addition to how ghost hunters can capture EVP’s. Basically, the EVP Field Processor is a modified digital audio recorder.

A while back I wrote a post about how Mark and Debbie Constantino capture EVP’s. One method they use which I really like is that they stop their digital voice recorders after asking questions to listen immediately to see if they picked up a response. 

Like I mentioned in my original post on this subject this allows the investigator to ask more meaningful questions as they continue with an EVP session. Why I reference this here is the EVP Field Processor is a good match for this method.

What the EFP does that a typical digital audio recorder does not do is it has a display screen that provides a “real time” visual of the sounds recorded. 

In other words the investigator can now see if a sound has been recorded that they did not hear in real time. So if an anomalous spike is displayed and all is silent it just might mean an EVP was captured. This then provides the ghost investigator with a clue to turn off the recorder and play it back to see if they captured something of interest.

Another nice feature the EVP Field Processor provides for the investigator is a way to also corroborate evidence, especially if a video camera is focused upon the Processor’s display—it provides a visual recording of the spike when it occurs along with the audio recording. 

This EFP is a nice practical addition for all ghost investigators whether they are just starting out or have done investigations for years.

The EFP has a bright illuminated screen for even very dark locations. It has a very sensitive display, which prevents false positives. There is a baseline adjustment dial for white noise/ambient noise. It also provides an earphone and mp3 speaker jack and it uses a standard 9volt battery. 

It costs around $145.00.

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