Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mexico: La Pascualita or The Corpse Bride

"Is she a mummy or just a dummy?"

This is a legend that has persisted in Chihuahua, Mexico for 86 years. People from all over the world have come to this town to see a mannequin that stands in the front window of a bridal shop.

Pascuala Esparza
Pascuala Esparza, who owned this shop, had a beautiful young daughter. Tragically, she died on her wedding day from a Black Widow bite.

Soon after this death, Esparza’s shop displayed a new mannequin in the shop’s window. It wasn’t long before the residents of Chihuahua began to be concerned.

It was noted this mannequin held an uncanny resemblance to Esparza’s daughter. Even more disturbing the form had a life-like appearance. The face has wide expressive eyes with a fresh blushed skin tone. The hands, in particular, looked real with nails on the fingers and lifelines on the palms.

The mannequin.
The locals began to refer to the form as La Pascualita meaning little Pascuala or “her daughter.”

The hair on this form also appeared real.

Rumors began that this form was actually the preserved or embalmed corpse of Esparza’s daughter. Many of the local residents now looked upon Pascuala Esparaza with stern disapproval.

This grieving mother flabbergasted by these rumors tried to deny them, but no one would listen. By this time rumors began to be spread that there was something even stranger about this mannequin.

People passing by the shop claimed the form eerily followed them with its eyes. Others in the shop mentioned the mannequin’s eyes appeared to follow their every move.

Employees at the shop stated that often when they returned to work in the morning they found the mannequin had changed positions in the window.

One wild rumor stated that a French magician smitten by the beauty of the mannequin fell in love. It was said he approached the window at night, where he brought the form back to life, and then he would take her “out on the town.”

Even today, some still believe this mannequin is a real human corpse. This belief was given credence when a more recent employee, Sonia Burciaga who is tasked with changing the bridal gowns on this form stated she doesn’t like touching it.

She mentioned that the figure even has varicose veins on its legs.

A taxi driver who often brings tourists to the shop to see this mannequin in downtown Chihuahua states that he has seen this form change positions as he circles the shop in his car.

Other witnesses still report seeing it watch them or change positions.

Some believe this figure is a saint and they leave offerings for it at the shop.

In recent years, several people disturbed about this story—state there is no way a corpse could be preserved in this state for so long--an obvious point. 

With research one discovers this mannequin is made of wax—which accounts for its life-like appearance.

Keep in mind this story is a “legend.” Legends are told for entertainment, they spice life up.

Logically, no one would buy a wedding gown that had been displayed on an embalmed corpse. But this bridal shop has gotten a lot of free publicity over the years.

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