Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Signs of a Demonic Presence

aMy group sometimes receives requests for an investigation from clients that feel they have a demonic presence in their home. We respond to these requests by first letting the client know if the activity in their home might be demonic in nature that we will then refer them to a group or individual that has a better skill set than us to deal with this kind of activity. 

I must note here that my group has rarely encountered actual demonic activity * but we do refer those who are concerned to either clergy or a group that specializes in demonic hauntings that can help.**

In my humble opinion ghost hunting groups need to tread lightly when dealing with this kind of haunting. Why I say this is because a ghost investigation can potentially stir up or make this kind of activity even a more significant problem for the client. 

Because of this, my group does not even do an investigation unless through our initial interviews with the client or clients, we determine that the activity is most likely not demonic in nature. 

All groups do not hold this belief-- some feel it is necessary to do an investigation to determine what is going on—I think there are ways to resolve this without an investigation.

In working with clergy and groups that specialize in demonic activity over the years, I have some questions that I always ask when a client feels they have a demonic presence. If the answer is yes to three or more, I refer them to someone who can help. 

The nine sets of questions listed below are ones that help me make an informed decision. I observe how the client answers them—do they respond without thought—quickly, etc. I use some of the questions to determine if the client is just saying “yes” to all the questions. ***

First set of questions. Have you noticed powerful odors or foul smells? Are they in one place, or do they move around? Have you tried to discover where they originate?

In the second set of questions, I ask if the client has pets. Has your pet started to act out of character? Do they growl at something unseen by you? Do they appear alarmed or frightened—does their hair stand on end, etc.? Do they bark incessantly at something invisible? Do they snap at something that you do not see? Do they act as if they are protecting you from something? Do they salivate more than average?

The third set of questions. Has anyone’s mood changed? Do they feel oppressed? Do they feel angry without a cause? Have they become physically ill-- nausea without cause? How do they feel when they are away from home?

The fourth set of questions. Have heavy objects been thrown around? Are they thrown at someone or randomly? Has an area in your house been found in upheaval or trashed?

The fifth set of questions. Has someone in the home been touched? Have bruises or scratches appeared afterward? Have they made an appearance after they have woken?

The sixth set of questions. Did someone pray or have the house blessed before the activity started? Have religious items in the house been moved? Have they disappeared or been found broken?

The seventh set of questions. Have unpleasant noises been heard? Have growls or bangs been heard? Have knocks been heard? If taps are heard—how many in a row?

The eighth set of questions. Has the house had electrical problems? Repeated faulty lights without cause? Lights popping? Fuses blowing?

The ninth set of questions. Have apparitions been seen? Do they have characteristics that don’t appear human? What are they? Do they have parts that seem more animal than human?

More often than not, from these questions, my group has been able to determine if the client was experiencing a haunting—but not demonic in nature. If this was the case, we then did offer an investigation to set the client’s fears at rest. 

I am aware not every group agrees with what I have stated in this post, but it has always worked for us—most importantly our caution has allowed us to maintain a good reputation.

My group is retired now but if what we have done in the past can help others…why not share.

* Often, what clients feel is demonic is just a fear of the unknown. My group feels we have rarely encountered demonic energy because we do not seek it. Keeping positive does help.

* Unfortunately, not all areas of the country have specific groups that deal with demonic energy. But there usually is clergy that can help.

*** I always respond with a willingness to believe the client’s concerns but we have encountered some who for their own reasons are just making the activity up. If a client responds “yes” to every question it could be a warning that they are not being completely truthful.

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