Friday, March 29, 2013

Roswell Incident

What’s new in paranormal news? I am going to try to do two of these a month. This one was reported just today on a local television news station in my home state of New Mexico. New Mexico is known for UFO’s because of an UFO crash site that has become known as the “Roswell Incident”.

On the evening of July 2, 1947 several Roswell, New Mexico residents witnessed what they described as an “disc-shaped object moving quickly in a northwesterly direction through the sky”. The next morning on a ranch located in the tiny community of Corona, New Mexico 30 miles north of Roswell a ranch foreman, Mac Brazel rode out with a young neighbor boy to move some sheep from one pasture to the next. These two came upon a strange debris field that held--various size chunks of a metallic material that were scattered from a hilltop down into an arroyo. 

At first, it looked to Brazel as if an aircraft had exploded. He had heard something the night before that sounded like an explosion. But since it had happened during a rainstorm he couldn’t be sure. He stated this sound wasn't like thunder. Brazel dismounted and picked up several pieces from this debris field. He had never seen anything like it. These metallic pieces were extremely light and extremely tough.

What Brazel found that morning in 1947 was officially declared a downed “Weather Balloon” and any who dared to differ were silenced. For the next thirty years everyone who was directly connected to the Roswell Incident knew this was a lie. When a reporter tried to re-investigate this case in the early 1950s--these witnesses were warned again that it would be best not to tell him anything.

By the mid 1970s this mystery started to unravel. Stanton T. Freidman interviewed two witnesses to the incident and cover-up separately. One was an Albuquerque radio station employee who witnessed, "the muzzling of a reporter and the shutting down of an in-progress Teletype news story about the incident". The other person was an Army Air Force Intelligence officer Major Jesse A. Marcel, who led the recovery operation. Just like Mac Brazel, Marcel stated flatly that the material in the debris field was of “unearthly origin”.

The Roswell Incident is considered the most important UFO case in history. Many people have investigated it over the years. In various pockets of New Mexico where people have relatives or friends that knew the witnesses-- it is a given that this incident was covered-up. The story that was aired today on a local television station in Albuquerque talks about a declassified memo on the FBI website that millions of people have read since it became available in April of 2011.

This memo, entitled “Flying Saucers, Information Concerning” was written in March of 1950 by Guy Hottell who was the Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Washington D.C. field office at the time.

From Air Force investigation told to FBI

There were three flying saucer crashes. They were circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Three bodies of human shape, but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture, occupied each saucer.

The memo goes on to state that they believed the crash happened because there was a US government "high-powered radar set up" in the area that interfered with the controlling mechanisms in the saucers.

Today the FBI concludes this memo is not the “smoking gun” that UFO’s exist.

Then why were all the people in Roswell, Corona and Albuquerque pressured into silence?

Hottel UFO Memo

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FBI's New Mexico UFO memo is most read | Albuquerque News - KOAT Home

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