Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Haunted Mirrors

Recently, a haunted mirror sold on eBay for 150 American dollars. The two British men who sold it claimed it had brought them bad luck. 

It seems their landlord threw it out, and they fished it out of a dumpster near their London home and placed it on a wall. A short five months later, they were trying to get rid of it--with the disclaimer that it was haunted.

These two claimed that they had experienced financial difficulties and illness since acquiring this mirror. They had both been awakened in the middle of the night by “screaming pain.” Both of them had felt a strong “sense of impending doom.” They saw flickering shadows reflected in this mirror, and one stated he had woken up covered in “deep red scratches.” 

Of course many supposed “haunted items” are sold on eBay each year, but this story is fascinating because it actually is similar to several documented cases involving haunted mirrors.

For generations, people have been fascinated by reflective surfaces. Because of this, many folktales and legends have been created. Mirrors are connected to “portals.” I wrote about this connection in another post here

Here are more superstitions or s in relationship to mirrors. For mirrors are believed to pose dire risks.

If a person is in bed and ill in a room, all the mirrors should be covered. The reason for this is when a person is vulnerable to a mirror, if it is a portal, it can take their soul.

People should never look into a mirror at night or by candlelight. The reason for this is because you might see a ghost or even your own death.

This one I mentioned in my other post. When a person dies in a room, all the mirrors should be covered or turned toward the wall. The reason for this is so the dead person’s soul does not become lost in a portal.

When a person is sleeping, they should cover all the mirrors in the room. The reason for this is so negative energy cannot attack them. Along with this, it is said that a person should never place their bed in a way that a mirror can reflect it.

Finally, a person should move their mirrors to different areas of the room. The reason for this is so spirits or ghosts cannot use it as a portal.

The above beliefs above are, of course, superstitions. But here are some documented cases of how people acquired mirrors--that then caused them paranormal problems. So there are mirrors that should be avoided.

Here are some suggestions that people should avoid.

Don’t buy or place old mirrors in your home.

If a previous owner to the home you rent or buy leaves a mirror or mirrors behind--get rid of them.

If a mirror has been used for any kind of spiritual work e.g., divination or scrying, get rid of them because these practices supposedly open portals. 

People who do this professionally-- often cleanse or do a ritual with these mirrors to protect themselves.

Using a Ouija board can open a portal as well. If there is a mirror nearby, it can become the host for this portal.

Finally, many places that are reputed to be haunted, such as old hotels, have mirrors that are portals. I have never encountered “a portal,” but I find this information interesting.


Seidrdragon said...

Your advice is right on but (fore warned is fore armed) the good news it can be "cleansed" with sage/incense and a white candle. Landlords don't like spending money on such things.

Virginia Lamkin said...

I say, just get rid of a mirror if you suspect it is a portal.