Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Amorous Ghost of Ozzie Nelson

Of all the celebrity ghosts I have researched the last one I would suspect of having an "Incubus" connection would be Ozzie Nelson. 

His celebrity image was based upon the fact that he was a solid family man. In fact, I just wonder if the ghost that haunts his beloved Hollywood home of twenty-five years might not be him. 

Ozzie Nelson

Nelson was a songwriter and bandleader in the 1930s, he married his band’s vocalist Harriet Hilliard, and they remained happily married for forty years until his death at the age of sixty-eight from liver cancer.

The Nelsons had a hit radio show in the 1940s entitled The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

This radio program aired for eight years then it was picked up by the new medium of television and ran for fourteen more seasons. 
Nelson family

Their show reflected their Nelson family life and values and featured their two real-life sons David and Ricky.

In 1950, the Nelsons purchased a two-story colonial-style home at the base of the Hollywood Hills. Their television house was based upon their real home, and they actually used exterior shots of this home on their show.

When Ozzie passed away in 1975, Harriet remained in their home on Camino Palmero Drive for five more years and then sold the property. 

The new owners immediately noticed some disturbing activity. 

Lights would turn on and off in unoccupied rooms. Facets would turn on and off as well. They heard footsteps, always in the middle of the night and invisible hands would open and close doors.

Frightened, the owners invited parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taff to investigate. 

According to Laurie Jacobson in her book, Haunted Hollywood, A Ghostly Tour of Filmland, Taff noticed the woman who lived in the home was embarrassed when sharing information about the activity that she had personally experienced. 

She finally opened up, and admitted that the ghost had visited her while she slept. She felt someone drawback her covers and then kiss her neck and breasts. Now fully awake she discovered her sheets were pulled back, but no one was there. 

Taff told her that many men and women reported being touched and caressed by ghosts, that it was not that uncommon. 

She and her husband even more upset, packed up their things and moved.

In Jacobson’s book, she mentions a more recent encounter with the ghost in the old Nelson home. 

In 1994, a painter that had been working around the house for weeks heard disembodied footsteps. Then one day he was startled to see a “milky white” form next to him. 

He could not make out any facial features in the few seconds this apparition appeared, but he did see one distinct foot.

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