Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Do People Believe in Ghosts?

This question is pondered and overanalyzed by every skeptic--or the term I prefer--cynic on the planet. How can rational people believe in ghosts when there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove they exist?

I actually addressed this question in a post I wrote a couple of years ago entitled, Ghosts vs. Science, so if you want my take read this post here.

Instead, my focus here and now is--Why do people believe in ghosts?

A year ago, in December of 2012 Huff Post published the results of a survey they posed. How many Americans believe in ghosts?

45 percent of the people who responded stated: they believe that spirits of the dead can come back in certain places and situations.

When asked if they believed in life after death 64 percent responded, “Yes.”

59 percent of the people stated they believed they had never actually seen a ghost.

43 percent of the people surveyed stated they don’t think ghosts or spirits can harm or interact with the living. I included these stats in another post I wrote in February of this year--just after they came out.

So why do people believe in ghosts?

One prominent reason people believe in ghosts is they have experienced something that they cannot explain. They know what they saw, heard or sensed. 

One possible reason--it is human nature to be curious.

Another prominent reason people believe in ghosts is they believe that deceased loved ones return to watch over or protect them. People actually believe in this concept more than they do in the “scary” stereotypical ghost that is often promoted--which the survey above reflects.

So for many people who state they believe--they are actually referring to a more spiritual entity.

In contrast to this, some because of religious beliefs feel the ghosts they encounter must be “demonic” in nature.

Another possible reason--many who believe in ghosts are open to all possibilities. This is reflected in the survey above.

Some come to believe in ghosts because someone close to them experienced something not easily explained away. Trusting in this persons’ judgment, they also believe.

A major reason many believe in ghosts is they feel they are proof there is “life after death.” Again, this is reflected in the survey above.

As always the main reason why people believe is that--proof of life after death brings hope and understanding of death. This belief can also alleviate the fear of death.

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