Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Black-Eyed Kids

This phenomenon has been reported around the world. Whether these stories are real or, just myths remains a mystery. Regardless, many recent encounters with black-eyed kids seem to point to the fact something is occurring that cannot be explained.

A couple who were walking along an isolated beach in Mexico encounter, an odd girl who pleads with them to follow…

A woman, in an isolated home hears a persistent knock and sees two teens standing on her porch close to midnight…

A man sitting in his stalled car in an empty mall parking lot is approached by two teens who insist emphatically he gives them a ride…

A marine on base, who stays in his barracks instead of taking a weekend pass with his buddies is frightened by two young teens…

These are just a few locations where these unusual kids or teens have been seen. These stories and countless others about black-eyed kids are eerily similar.

The above witnesses experienced something strange that they could not explain easily afterward. 

They recount feelings of being put on guard or even freaking out. They stated that the teens they saw had odd completely dark eyes--their corneas were even wholly black.

These witnesses were approached when they were alone or just with one other person. The teens they encountered had olive skin and were dressed in dark clothing--sometimes hoodies. 

These young people all requested help or made pleas to be let in. When refused, they became more and more agitated.

The witnesses all got the sense that something wasn’t quite right--they even became frightened. They stated afterward, they would generally have responded to a child’s plea for help, but in these instances, they all felt the “flight or fight” response and refused these requests.

They noted that these young people’s voices had a strange “hypnotic influence” over them. The witnesses all mention that these teens, after being refused several times would just disappear.

Black-eyed kids tend to be males, but there are females seen.

The couple on the beach were approached by a black-eyed girl being carried--piggy-back fashion-- by a black-eyed boy who insisted the couple follow them, to help one of their friends. 

After they walked awhile, this man and woman both had second thoughts and turned back. They were amazed to see only their footprints in the sand when they retraced their steps. They turned and saw the girl and boy had just disappeared.

The man sitting in his stalled car was surprised to see two teens appear as if from nowhere, in the deserted mall parking lot. They approached his vehicle. 

They told him--he must drive them home. When he refused, they became even more insistent, now feeling afraid he declined again. He like so many witnesses stated that these teens just vanished.*

The marine admitted that when he opened his barracks door late one weekend night to two black-eyed teen boys, that he immediately became frightened. 

He stated that their eyes “seemed to be sucking him in.” He got the sense that he was “being hunted” in some way. He stated that he listened to his gut feeling and refused their request to enter--he then shut the door quickly.

The woman home alone was shocked to see two teens knocking on her door, close to midnight. Looking out her window, she asked what they wanted, they insisted she let them in--they needed to use her bathroom. 

A strong “feeling of unhappiness and evil” overtook her. Wondering why two young people would be out so late asking for help from a stranger--she immediately knew something wasn’t right. Even when they persisted, she refused them entry. **

These recent accounts and many more like them, makes one wonder if there isn’t more to these stories than just imagination. The people who experienced them I am sure would agree.

* The first two stories I shared, I heard on Darkness Radio in 2011.

** Many encounters with black-eyed children reflect that these teens seem desperate for an invitation to be “invited in” which plays on the theme, that evil must be invited in before it can enter.

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Leona Joan said...

Maybe the dark-eyed kids are vampires. I think Dracula had to be invited to cross a person's threshold. Or maybe they're aliens. The moral of the story is what these people did and always follow your gut instincts and don't let them in. Too creepy!