Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ghost Watches Over Family Pets

Recently, a California resident, Craig Scher noticed something odd on one of his home surveillance cameras. Scher was at work one Friday morning as he watched a live stream of a “doggie camera” at his home from his cell phone.

He spotted a bright flash of light that reminded him of his mother, Doreen who died four years ago. Craig mentions this was not just a trick of shadow and light for if this were the case he would have seen it in this room in the past.

The figure that he watched for over 20 minutes reminded him of his mother because it was standing in a pose his mother often took—left hand on her left hip and right arm against right leg.

Scher also noticed the figure had messy hair. He states his mother after waking up in the morning often did not care what her hair looked like. In the ghostly image he saw the figure had hair sticking out everywhere.

Scher’s wife also saw the image and agrees it looks just like her mother-in-law.

Craig feels his mother’s ghost returned because her favorite dog “Angel” had died just two weeks before she appeared. He feels her ghost now watches over the rest of the family pets.

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