Friday, July 24, 2015

Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery

This cemetery today is over 150 years old and is considered to be Savannah’s most active when it comes to ghosts.

It at one time contained the famous Bird Girl statue, which appeared on the cover of John Benendt’s book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This statue now resides in a nearby museum.

But there are many statues that remain in the cemetery some of which are known to be haunted.

Some of these statues have been seen moving. Several Angel statues beam or grimace, one statue in particular named Corinne is known to smile at visitors that she likes.

Eerie sounds are heard at other statues. At an infant’s grave a crying baby is heard and at the tomb of a child—children are heard giggling.

Another legend connected to Bonaventure is about a pack of ghostly “hell hounds” that have been known to bark and snarl at lingering visitors.

No one has ever seen these dogs but many have heard and felt them. Visitors state they felt their breath on their heels or heard their angry barks in the distance.

Several visitors have claimed these dogs even chased them. They state they heard these vicious dogs bark and snarl at their back as they chased them through the cemetery.

The land the cemetery sits upon was once a large plantation. Josiah Tattnall, Jr. was a well-liked early citizen of Savannah. He was known to throw popular dinner parties. His immense mansion eventually caught fire and burned down.

But today, people still claim to hear the voices of people socializing and having a good time in the area where this mansion once stood.

One of the most well known hauntings at Bonaventure Cemetery involves the gravesite of a little girl by the name of Gracie Watson.

Gracie Watson
The plaque at her gravesite mentions she was a “beautiful and charming little girl” who died from pneumonia at the age of six.

Visitors to her gravesite are aware of her sad story. They often place coins and toys upon her grave. Every time these trinkets are removed it is said Gracie can be heard crying.

Her gravesite also has a statue that is unique for it has been known to cry. Many have claimed to see it weeping real tears. Others state that it actually weeps bloody tears.

These days Gracie’s gravesite is fenced off. Some state to protect it from visitor’s grasping hands—but others claim the fence is meant to contain Gracie’s playful spirit

Here is a short video of the cemetery showing many of the statues that are considered to be haunted.

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