Friday, July 22, 2016

Terrifying Tale: Road Accident

I was driving through the California desert on my way to Arizona when I became bored with the scenery. I decided to take a shortcut.

The smooth highway I traveled quickly became a bumpy two-lane back road.

The landscape that sped by remained desolate. There was nothing for miles around. This was during the 1980s and I had heard a satanic group had taken over a nearby ghost town.

As the sun set the road became very dark. My truck headlights swept across a canyon I traveled through. I noticed the high grass that lined the road appeared to take on eerie shapes.

As the canyon ended, I saw shapes silhouetted in the middle of the road up ahead. As I drew closer I realized they blocked my path.

I slowed my truck to a crawl as I realized another pickup was turned sideways across both lanes. I saw an open suitcase with clothes strewn around it.

To my horror I then saw two bodies, one a man, one a woman who where laying face down on the blacktop. They appeared to be dead. It must have been a terrible accident.

I stopped several yards from this scene. I went to open my door but then I hesitated. For some reason the hair stood up on the back of my neck. Something wasn’t right but I couldn’t pinpoint what.

I turned and retrieved my rifle from the hooks above my back windshield. I placed a round it the chamber. It then hit me, the scene in front of me didn’t appear real it appeared staged.

Was this a carefully laid ambush or was my imagination getting the best of me? I broke into a cold sweat and my heart began to pound. Something was wrong.

I decided not to get out of my truck. I looked at the road that lay before me and laid out a path I could take to avoid the truck and the bodies that lay on the ground.

I slowly zigzagged my way around these three obstacles. I then sped up and drove down the road several hundred feet. Curious, I slowed down and looked in my rearview mirror.

As my breathing became normal I noticed the two bodies were no longer lying face down. Both figures now stood.

My line of vision shifted. I saw a least twenty more figures emerging from the tall grass on either side of the road.

In a panic my foot hit the accelerator and I didn’t slow down or look back until I reached the 4-lane highway.

I refuse to think about what would have happened if I followed my first instinct and had gotten out of my truck. I have a feeling it would not have gone well.

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