Saturday, July 6, 2019

Twitter’s Dear David

Adam Ellis
Adam Ellis shared this disturbing encounter with a child ghost on his Twitter account back in 2017.

He first posted—

“My apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child, and he’s trying to kill me.”

Illustration Adam Ellis drew.
He then followed this tweet up with an illustration, he drew after seeing this ghost sitting in a rocking chair at the foot of his bed.

He described what he saw—“he has a huge misshapen head that is dented on one side.”

This ghost then came to him in “a dream” and explained he had been killed when a bookshelf had fallen and crushed his head.

Cats at the front door.
During this time, Adam’s cats began to act strangely. They sat at his front door, crouched down and sniffing at the bottom crack for four nights in a row. They refused to move.

Adam snapped several photos of the hallway at the entrance to his apartment. He used two different cameras, but despite this space was well lit, his photos came out pitch black.

Dark hallway

One of his followers on twitter then took one of these photos and “brightened it.” This revealed a figure standing at Adam’s door.
Brightened photo showing figure.
Click to enlarge.
Ellis had another dream where David “dragged him.” He woke up the next morning with a bad bruise on his arm. At this same time, he began to receive strange phone calls, multiple times a day that didn’t show up on his Caller ID.

When he answered a weak voice would say, “hello.”

Adam now concerned, set up a video camera in his apartment. His first recording captured his green rocking chair moving on its own. This link is to Ellis's twitter account where you can view this chair moving.

Ellis began to see this ghost child standing on his roof. He snapped several photos, but the figure moved too quickly. But he finally captured the image he saw.

Image Adam Ellis captured on his roof.

A screenshot of one still from the video.
Click to enlarge.
Adam set up another video to record while he slept. He then captured the most disturbing image of all. This recording shows the ghost running over his bed, and then it ducks down by the side of the bed, only to pop up and then duck down again.

Here is a link to a twitter feed that still has a gif of this video.

Adam Ellis after this moved and got another job.


Leona Joan said...

What a scary yet sad story. Perhaps this little ghost needs prayers to be encouraged to look towards the Light so his Spirit can cross over to the Other Side.

Virginia Lamkin said...

One can hope this will be done.

Leona Joan said...

Let's hope so. 🙏

Leena said...

I think there is coming a movie or something, that is the other job?

Virginia Lamkin said...

I heard there was a film being made--haven't seen any evidence yet--it was made. As for his new job--I have no idea.