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Kings Island’s Playful Ghost

Visitors go to Ohio’s Kings Island amusement park to eat funnel cake and enjoy the exciting rides.

Kings Island is located in Mason just outside Cincinnati. It opened in 1972 and has been this state’s favorite amusement park since.

The Beast
The most popular ride is called “The Beast.” When this wooden rollercoaster first opened in 1979, it was the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in the world.

Even today, forty years later, The Beast is still Kings Island's most popular ride.

But some visitors, while at the park, have gotten “ a thrill” of a very different kind.

Kings Island was built on land that was used for an ammunition factory (King’s Powder) from the late 1880s until the 1940s. During this time, there was a massive explosion that killed over one hundred people.

Dog Street Cemetery with
The Beast in background.
All that remains of this company is a small cemetery (Dog Street Cemetery)—that sits near the park’s exit, next to the parking lot.

This cemetery is one reason some feel the park is haunted.

One active spirit at Kings Island is a little girl. She is seen wearing a blue dress. Her ghost is spotted mostly in the park’s parking lot, skipping or playing “hide-and-seek” among the cars.

Park employees call her “Tram Girl” because of a game she likes to play with them.

As these drivers deliver their passengers at various points throughout the parking lot, this ghost likes to jump out in front of their vehicles—daring them to run over her.

One driver, in 2017, had just finished dropping off the last few passengers for the night and was headed for the main parking lot.

He was tired after a long day. So when his tram headlights illuminated a young girl, wearing a blue dress, run right in front of his vehicle, he was slow to react.

This driver did slam on his brakes, but he was sure he had hit her. But oddly he didn’t feel an impact or hear any screams.

He climbed out, but the parking lot was empty, and nothing was under the tram. After inspecting the front for damage, he was surprised there was none.

The little girl had disappeared as quickly, as she had appeared.

White Water Canyon at Kings Island.
This mischievous spirit is also seen at White Water Canyon in the park.

She is believed to be Jane Galeener, who lived with her mother, father, and younger brother on a section of the property that is now Kings Island.

Jane Galeener's gravestone in
Dog Street Cemetery.
She drowned in 1846, at the age of 5 in a lake, where White Water Canyon is located in the park today.

She is buried in Dog Street Cemetery.

Here is a video that shows how much fun The Beast is to ride.

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