Friday, July 8, 2011

Where to Find Ghosts

Some believe all you have to do is tune in and you will find ghosts all around you. I have found over the years that ghosts tend to be in places for a specific reason. 

But for the purpose of this post let me address this issue in a broader sense. Ghosts manifest in many locations—including but not always places where something bad has happened, such as, a murder, a suicide, or a battle.

Many ghost hunters connect ghosts to unusual energy fields located at a specific location. These energy fields might be natural, some a result of mineral deposits in the ground, a fault, an underground water supply, or they may be the result of faulty electrical wiring in a home or business. 

While many haunted locations are near electrical, magnetic, or geomagnetic energy fields, the exact reason this occurs has not been discovered.

Some believe that these energy fields open or create a portal that allows ghosts to manifest. Still others believe that it is the ghosts themselves who cause the unusual energy field. Others say these fields in some way impact the living to the point where they have a more open accepting mind.

Whether or not you believe these fields have any relationship to the presence of ghosts, apparitions, etc., there are many specific locations where ghosts have been seen. 

Some classic ones are: battlefields, cemeteries, older schools, homes, hospitals and asylums, jails and prisons, hotels and inns, nursing homes, theaters, older buildings, antique shops etc.

I have found one of the best ways to find a haunted place is by word of mouth. Another way is to do in depth research of an area. 

Pay close attention to local ghost stories. With research the origins of these stories often lead to other similar stories. Your local library is a great place to begin a search.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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