Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ghost Radar and EVP Questions

Recently several people have asked me how to get responses while using the Ghost Radar App. There is no tried and true formula that dictates what questions should be asked during investigations. But there are several things you can do to elicit responses from ghosts or spirits.

Always do background research so that when you do an EVP session with your Ghost Radar you can ask more meaningful questions. 

Also interview witnesses; this information helps to establish a connection to the ghosts or spirits that might be present. With this background knowledge you can then ask questions that are more specific.

In one store my group often investigates we know there is a resident sheriff. We know this protective spirit has been seen many times over the years standing or crouching in the loft above the store’s main room. His expression is not frightening but one rather of intense concentration—he appears to be keeping a careful eye on everything. 

One of my members a former policewomen visited the store several times before our most recent investigation—she made a point of mentioning she had something in common with the sheriff.

The night of the investigation she brought several trigger objects with her—her badge, tobacco etc. She climbed up in the loft where the sheriff is seen and was talking to other investigators below. 

At one point she was deciding out loud where she should place or “move” some of the objects. Below we were getting hits on our ghost radar, the word “dangerous” etc. 

Right after this one of our digital recorders picked up a deep, distinct male voice in the room agreeing where she should move the items right after her discussion with us about where to move the objects. 

I feel we got this clear response because she had already established a connection with this spirit. She was able to do this because of the research we had done about the location.

When asking EVP questions remember to keep them simple and to the point. For instant, ask questions that can be answered in one of two words. 

Ghosts have trouble communicating with spoken language so they most likely will make their presence known through a variety of ways, i.e., touch, feelings you get, cold spots, etc. 

If they do respond with spoken words it will only be a one to three word response or short phrase. 

This is why Ghost Radar is so effective, ghosts can use this app to generate a lot more words—this app makes it much easier for them to communicate with us. This is very useful because one thing I have learned is ghosts do want to communicate with the living.

As I mentioned in another post make sure you are using your Ghost Radar in an area that has activity. For instance, mine will state words in my home but they are random—my home is not active.  

On the other hand when I use it at an active location the words it comes up with are normally connected to something we have said or they are related to that specific location.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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