Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ghost Hunting: Keep a Written Log

Keeping a written log during an investigation is as important as using EMF meters, cameras, digital voice recorders etc. 

This written record can be as simple as a checklist or it can be a more elaborate narrative of everything that occurs during a ghost investigation. 

Below is a sample list of possible items to include. Note my team often uses a digital voice recorder—to create a voice log--- for this purpose instead, so our hands are free to do other things.

Note location and investigators present
Always note the time
Note all equipment used
For EVP sessions note time started and ended, note all extraneous noise
Note the location and then where specifically you are, bedroom, staircase etc.
Note who is in the area or room
Note all baseline readings
List all electrical items in area, whether they are on or off, plugged in or not
Note where all power sources are located
Note water locations
Note any fluctuations on meters, time occurred and any temperature changes, time occurred etc.
List all equipment used and where
Map showing where cameras, digital recorders were placed
Note if area or building is occupied presently or empty
List of any phenomena that was heard, seen, etc., also note who saw or heard it
Note anything unusual
List any investigator’s personal experiences
List of items debunked
List of items not able to debunk, if any
Notes on team members and who they where paired with and where they investigated
Trigger objects used, if any
Locations and time when still photos were taken
Note any battery drain
Note any odors
Note any items moved
Note any extraneous noise in area investigating

Also include these items:

Include history of location and activity that has occurred
Note if clients were present
Map or floor plan of area
Note the moon phase
Note sunspot activity
Note weather conditions
Note temperature
Note barometric pressure
If any, note seismic activity
Note altitude
Again-- always note the time for everything…

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