Friday, July 1, 2011

Red Beam Flashlights

This kind of flashlight is necessary if you are going to do investigations in the dark. A red beam flashlight helps the investigator and the investigation. 

A normal flashlight lights up the area so it defects the purpose. A red beam flashlight allows the investigator to see—it also helps with eyestrain—but it does not light up the room or area you are investigating.

Here is another very important reason red beam flashlights are of benefit. 

There are two kinds of nerve receptors in our eyes: rod and cones. Cones enable us to see colors, and are active in daylight. Rods are for night vision and sense shades of grey. When we walk into a dark room it takes our eyes’ rods twenty minutes to fully turn on—or become accustomed to the dark. 

If a normal white light, traditional flashlight, is used it blinds us to the night, turning off our rods and turning on our cones. A red beam flashlight doesn’t stimulate our cones. In fact, with a red beam flashlight you can easily see things up close and at a distance.

You can find red beam flashlights online –a basic one sells for around $6.00 or you can spring for a fancier one for around $25.00 or up. When I first started ghost hunting I took a small flashlight I already had and modified it. It is easy to do.

Here is how:

Buy a small flashlight—you do not want to be lugging around a heavy flashlight or a searchlight especially if you are carrying other items like a meter etc. 

Obtain a small piece of florist red gel or better yet eat a cinnamon hard candy and use the red candy wrapper instead. Wrap the gel or wrapper around the lens of the flashlight and secure it in place with a rubber band or take the lens apart and catch it with the ring band that holds the top glass in place.

Now you are ready for a night investigation that won’t impair your night vision or blind the other investigators around you.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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