Thursday, October 6, 2011

Disneyland and Walt Disney World Ghosts

Disneyland and Walt Disney World have more ghosts connected to them than any other theme parks in the United States. The most active area of the park ironically is the Haunted Mansion attraction. Disney employees most often spot these ghosts when the park is closed to the public, early in the morning or late at night.

One story is of a young “crying boy” whose apparition is seen at the Haunted Mansion. He is seen most often in the area where the public exits the ride. He is described as hunched over and weeping into his hands. 

No one knows why he is so upset but it is known that one mother after her son died requested that the park allow her to spread her son’s ashes close to the mansion since this was her son’s favorite attraction. Walt Disney World denied her request but she ignored this and late one night near closing she spread her son’s ashes in the area without permission.

When the Haunted Mansion was first built a sound engineer was setting up equipment before the attraction was opened to the public. He kept hearing music. He thought maybe the sound was coming from behind one of the walls. He wondered if a radio had been left behind by accident. Although, as time passed no radio announcer came on but the music continued to play. 

The engineer spent quite a lot of time searching for the source but it was never found.

“The man with the cane” is another ghost seen in the Haunted Mansion. In the 1940’s a small plane crashed into a lake near where the Haunted Mansion was built years later. The pilot’s spirit is said to haunt the mansion today. 

An employee spotted him while working alone in the area that is used as a loading dock for the mansion. This employee looked up and saw a man in a suit holding a cane sitting in one of the ride’s Doombuggies. Surprised the employee tried to speak to the man but he did not respond. After a few seconds, parts of him started to slowly fade away.

The staff have encountered yet another ghost at the mansion who they call “the man in the tuxedo.” His identity is not known. 

One attendant who was working near where the passengers disembark from the ride saw a figure in a mirror behind her that is used by the employees to see the cars approach. She kept seeing this image throughout her shift but when she turned no one was there. She described the figure as wearing a tuxedo. During the same shift she felt a chilly hand rest upon her shoulder when she turned around no one was there. This employee quit her job at Disneyland.

Several other ghosts have been encountered at these parks by the employees. 

One ghost nicknamed “George” haunts the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. George was a worker at Disneyland who was involved in a fatal accident when a beam fell on him. He is seen in the early hours of the morning and is often mistaken for an intruder.

One interesting piece of evidence that points to Disneyland being haunted is footage that was captured on security cameras where a figure is tracked as it moves through four screens. The figure appears to walk right through closed gates and even across water. Some claim this apparition is Walt Disney himself walking through the grounds.

Here is the video:

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