Saturday, October 1, 2011

Haunted Arlington Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is located just outside Washington D.C. in the state of Virginia. It spans 624 acres; it is the resting place for veterans, military heroes, American presidents, supreme court justices, and civil rights leaders. 

There are also 3,800 Civil War fugitives and liberated slaves buried in Arlington.  

The Tomb of the Unknown is the cemeteries most famous landmark. It first opened to the public in 1932. This tomb holds the remains of unknown soldiers from WWl, WWll, and the Korean War. 

The cemetery is overseen by the Department of Army and is divided into 70 sections. Its earliest graves date back to 1864. 

The land Arlington sits on was once owned by Martha Washington’s son John Parke Custis.

For many years the Old Post Chapel across the street from Arlington has been considered a very haunted area. Thousands of military funerals have been held in this building. 

People feel that many of these soldiers do not rest in peace, but most of the spirits seen at this location are not soldiers.

Witnesses over the years have seen and heard unexplained activity in and around this chapel.  

Soldiers report that doors that were left locked are found unlocked. They also say that doors they open for the public are sometimes mysteriously locked when people try to enter the chapel. This happens so often, several of the soldiers talk about it with frustration.

Another report connected to the chapel is one involving people hearing a woman crying loudly at the front of the chapel, but when investigated, no one is in the building.  

Mourners before and after funerals have reported seeing a beautiful Spanish lady, dressed all in all black, with a veil covering part of her face. Witnesses to this phenomenon state that as they approached this lady, she just disappeared into thin air.

Countless numbers of soldiers on guard duty, late at night, have reported seeing lights going on and off in the chapel. 

Others have reported hearing loud organ music coming from the building but, as they approach the chapel, the music stops. Further investigations revealed the doors were locked and no one was there. 

Soldiers, tourists, and mourners have also seen an apparition of a small boy running through the chapel and then he just vanishes.

In recent years sections, #68 and #69 of the cemetery are both considered to be very haunted, and several witnesses have seen and felt strange phenomena in these sections. 

People who visit the cemetery regularly, such as priests and clergymen, who conduct the funerals, report that their drivers are afraid to return to Arlington because of what they have seen and felt in the past.

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