Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Scary Spirits of Dumas Beach

Dumas beach located in India in the state of Gujarat is a popular tourist attraction.
This beach with its stark black sand is located along the Arabian Sea just 13 miles (21 km) from the city of Surat. 

The tourists that come to shop do not know Dumas is considered one of the most haunted beaches in India. The locals, however, are well aware of this since most have encountered these spirits that seem to inhabit even the air.

Many people who live in India believe in ghosts--they call them, “bhoot.” India has a  large percentage of Hindus. The core belief in the Hindu religion is that once a person dies their soul lives on. This soul is generally in one of two states. The first being, waiting for rebirth in another body--for the Hindus believe in reincarnation. 

This belief that the soul hangs around--is the reason there is a considerable number of people who believe in ghosts. The second state is when a person’s soul has reached, “moksha.” Moksha is when a person’s soul enters the highest level--Nirvana or freedom.

There is however one exception to these two states, and it occurs when one experiences a sudden or horrible death. In this case, it is believed these souls linger or even torment the living. 

The traditional Hindu burial in India involves cremation. It is believed when a person’s earthly remains are turned to ash it allows them to leave their worldly trappings behind without struggle. Dumas Beach is considered a terrifying haunted place because it is a cremation ground. Many of the cremated here belong in the category of--tormented souls.

 The locals often complain,

" they hear weird noises or whispers as they walk along the beach.”

Another common complaint is that all the dogs that live in the vicinity of this beach bark and howl all night. For the paranormal activity at Dumas Beach is very active after the sun goes down. 

Some even state that as they have walked along this beach, their dogs have tried to stop them from continuing further. It’s as if their heightened sense of smell and vision warns them before the humans, they protect. 

It is often described that the night “air” that surrounds this area is heavy with sadness and weighs the living down. When it is windy this feeling increases.

Needless to say, most of the locals avoid this beach at night. But there is another compelling reason they fear this beach. There are documented cases that tourists and locals who have walked this stretch of black sand at night have disappeared. None of them have been found…

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