Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Passenger Jet Plane Almost Hits UFO

Today the BBC reported that a passenger airplane--Airbus A320--while approaching Scotland’s Glasgow airport to land came within 300 feet of an unidentified flying object that passed beneath it. Both pilots stated since conditions were clear they were able to see a “blue and yellow or silver” object with a small frontal area that was bigger than a balloon moving quickly. They both reported they thought this object was going to collide with their plane.

What is most unusual is the plane’s TCAS--Traffic Collision Avoidance System-- that alerts pilots if they are about to collide with another moving object was silent. Glasgow air traffic control also stated that their radar showed no objects in the area as this Airbus prepared to land. They stated it was highly unlikely this object was a hot-air balloon, helicopter, hang-glider etc. because all these objects would have registered on their radar.

As for now this object has not been identified. The following video addresses what the pilots saw.

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