Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shadow People

Have you ever seen a shadow of a human figure out of the corner of your eye that once you turn your head just disappears? If so, you might just have seen a form of an entity that is labeled a “Shadow Person”. This phenomenon, which has been around a long time, has gained more attention in recent years.

 I first heard this term while listening to an Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast radio show. This topic was discussed on several of his shows.

Shadow People are considered spirits or entities that often appear at night. They have a human form and are most often seen flickering on walls or ceilings of structures. They are often described as being evil or malevolent in nature. It is said they inhabit places where evil things have taken place. 

Others though describe them differently. They state these entities are actually neutral in nature and some even believe they are extra dimensional inhabitants of another universe.

One encounter with Shadow People happened to a family who were visiting Florida. The father had just finished taking group pictures of the family in a park when a storm hit. He stated the thunder claps quickly got louder and there were flashes of lightning so the family took shelter in a three-walled enclosure. As it started to rain the father continued to snap photos.

To his surprise a human shadow figure appeared in his camera lens moving across the eastern wall of the structure. He pointed it out to his family and they all watched as this figure climbed up the tall wall. The father was baffled considering the sun was hidden behind storm clouds. 

In the next moment as there was another flash of lightning and a loud boom of thunder the whole family saw a second and then a third human shadow on the same wall. Needless to say, rain or not the family left the park in haste.

Another family witnessed a similar phenomenon. A father leaving his wife to take a nap took his dog and toddler son for a walk. He carefully set the families’ home alarm since their had been burglaries in their neighborhood recently. 

When they returned home and entered the father noticed the afternoon sun cast their living room in odd shadows. But immediately he spotted a dark shadow figure sitting in one of the chairs in the room. His dog started to bark at this figure and his son frightened grabbed his leg and pointed to the chair. He immediately yelled out, the figure that was faceless seemed to be surprised by their presence. It got up and went through the dinning room and into a back bedroom moving along the walls.

The father went quickly to awaken his wife and then searched the house but found nothing. He told his wife that the figure was a shadow as opposed to a black mist. She told him that it was strange because she had not had a peaceful nap. She stated she had woken up several times to see a black figure on the wall in their bedroom. 

The house alarm had not gone off. The father stated afterwards that he didn’t know whether this figure was evil or just a ghost but the memory of it still disturbed him.

Researchers have attributed sightings of Shadow People to hallucinations, sleep deprivation, sleep paralysis, or a side effect to medication. In some cases one of these very well might be the cause. But in the two witness accounts above they don’t seem to have been factors. 

One interesting note in many Shadow People sightings people report seeing these entities in their peripheral vision but in the two cases above the witnesses saw these figures right in front of them.

Heidi Hollis’ appearances on Coast to Coast helped make the phenomena of Shadow People popular. She describes them “as dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision.” Hollis shared stories from witnesses that had contacted her that stated that these dark figures even jumped out at them, attempting to choke them.

Here is Hollis’ advise to people who may encounter one of these Shadow People--her point of view is religious and she feels these entities are evil in nature. She state, "let go of your fear, stand your ground, deny them access to your person, focus on positive thoughts, use the name of Jesus to repel them, envision a light surrounding yourself, and bless the room with spring bottled water."

If you want to do more research into shadow figures I suggest you get a subscription to the radio show Coast-to-Coast archives--there are several witness accounts on this site.

The following link is to an hour plus video that presents a variety of people talking about "Shadow People" including Art Bell, George Noory and Stephen Hawking etc.

Shadow People, Hat People... 

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