Monday, May 6, 2013

Haunted Ironbridge

The Ironbridge Gorge is located in Shropshire, England. The miners who worked in what is considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution led very hard lives. Ironbridge was the site of the world’s first large scale production of cast iron. The area was shrouded in hellish smoke from the furnace fires and molten steel. These miners suffered the consequence of this.

Most miners lasted eight years if lucky. The toxic fumes the stacks emitted poisoned the air and water. If this didn’t kill the miners the hard work worn them down. The ghosts of these men still haunt the area. Today Shropshire boasts ten museums that highlight the areas history of this industry that was new in the 18th century. The world’s first cast iron bridge was built in 1779 to span the River Severn. The gorge is named after it.

Of the many tourists who travel to this “World Heritage Site” several pick up unexplained phenomena in their photos, especially in the Ironbridge tar wells in the gorge. A cannel tunnel was constructed to transport iron and coke to and from the mine’s furnaces. During this construction miners discovered deep wells under this tunnel. This started yet another industry. These wells had springs that gushed natural bitumen a black treacle-like substance-- tar. This tar was used to waterproof ropes and caulk wooden ships. Small amounts were even bottled and sold as a remedy for rheumatism.

Today tourists can don miner’s hats and tour this brick lined tunnel. The deeper tar wells are off limits because they are considered dangerous but one tourist captured the following series of three photos--passed the gate where tourists are allowed to go. The first photo has a very faint orb at the center top, the second image a “bright wraith” appears and the third image has an orb that clearly moved passed the camera and is in the upper left hand corner. The second photo also has a clearly defined face on the brick wall to the right. These photos still have their original digital signatures as proof they were not tampered with in any way.

The same tourist visited the Jakefield Tile Works, in a town near Ironbridge. He took the following photo in the museums’ study. At the time he took the photo he thought the room was empty but when he looked closer he realized he captured an indistinct figure wearing typical 18th century style clothing.

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