Friday, September 27, 2013

15 Brand-New Shiny Pennies

I have heard several stories about people finding pennies after a loved one passes on. This story was told to me a long time ago. I still think of it every time I find a penny. At the time it happened, children could buy gum and candy for just a few pennies.

My friend’s aunt always gave her nephews and nieces a card on their birthdays, along with their present. From when they were small, she promised them that whatever their ages she would always put that number of brand- new shiny pennies in their cards. 

As the children grew it became a family joke as to whether all their pennies would fit in one card.

Her youngest nephew, Jimmie, was diagnosed with cancer just days after he turned five. The following year was a special birthday for him because he was in remission, and he would not have to go through treatment for a while. 

He found six shiny pennies in his card with one extra, which made seven. He looked up at his aunt with a question. She smiled and explained that the extra was a bonus since he had been so brave.

Jimmie for the next six and half years was cancer-free. He loved to go fishing, play the piano with his aunt, and his favorite sport was baseball, where he played second base.  

Close to his 13th birthday, he became ill once more. He went back into treatment, and he read his birthday card from his aunt while in his hospital bed. Thirteen shiny pennies fell out upon his sheet and blanket. Out of town she sent her love and assured him that she would be with him on his 14th birthday the next year.

Sadly, Jimmie didn’t live till his fourteenth birthday. His family spread his ashes by his favorite lake on his birthday. His aunt threw fourteen brand-new shiny pennies into the water. 

Time passed, and the family tried to regain some normalcy, but it was hard without their youngest son. Everything reminded them in some way of Jimmie. 

After Jimmie’s death, his aunt, who did not keep change around her house started to find pennies in odd places. They were easy to spot for they were always shiny and new. 

The first one she found was in one of her favorite dress shoes, the second one she found was on her driveway. The third one she found was on her kitchen floor. But when she saw the fourth one she began to wonder, for she found this one balanced on one of her black piano keys.

She told Jimmies' parents about the pennies she found, but they didn’t see it as unusual. Later that day they all went to watch one of Jimmie’s older brother’s play baseball. 

After the game, as his aunt walked around the field, she spotted something shiny on second base. Her heart skipped a beat as she walked closer. Tears sprang to her eyes as she saw one shiny penny on the otherwise dusty base.

She again tried to express her suspicions to Jimmie’s parents, but they brushed her thoughts off as coincidence. Months passed, and she didn’t find any more pennies. She now started to wonder if Jimmie’s mom and dad were right. Had it been just her imagination?

On the morning of what would have been Jimmie’s fifteenth birthday, his aunt was late and rushing. When she opened her car door, she was surprised to see several shiny new pennies on the driver’s seat. She counted them, there were nine altogether. These plus the five she had found before made 14. 

She broke down in tears once more understanding this must be a sign from Jimmie.

She managed to collect her emotions and drove to work. As she approached her workstation, she spotted a sealed envelope upon her desk. As she opened it, one brand-new shiny penny dropped out. This made 15. She picked it up and saw that it was dated the year Jimmie was born.


Rhonda said...

Beautiful story. Thank you!

Virginia Lamkin said...

Your welcome.😊

Unknown said...

This made me bawl my eyes out and also smile💕💕