Saturday, September 21, 2013

Do Ghosts Warn of Impending Danger?

There are many stories that reflect the fact that some ghosts take on the role of Guardian Angels. They return with a specific purpose, which is to protect someone they love. 

The following personal account is one of my favorite ghost stories where this is the case. It happened during the Second World War on an American Navel ship.

A young sailor by the name of Victor was serving on a freighter that was traveling with a convoy headed toward Italy when it broke down. Under time restraints, the rest of the ships continued on their way leaving the smaller freighter to make the necessary repairs and then catch up. 

In 1942 if you were “dead in the water” it meant you were in additional danger.

The Atlantic Ocean was crawling with Nazi submarines that lay unseen in wait in hopes of attacking enemy ships. On the third day, the ship still not repaired, the crew became even more nervous. Their ships only defense was a few guns on deck. They knew this was not a defense against under water torpedoes.

In the late afternoon on this day, Victor tense like the rest of the crew and finding he had time between shifts went below to his bunk to get some rest. 

Later, he was awakened by the sensation of something warm touching his shoulder. It almost felt like a hand. Something about it was familiar but Victor annoyed and wanting to sleep ignored it. But when he felt this touch again it was more persistent. When he opened his eyes he saw his mother standing near his bunk.

She touched his shoulder firmly. Now wide-awake and astonished Victor saw her smile and heard her say in her normal gentle tone, “Vic, honey you had better get up now. Its time to get up.” Before he could respond his mother’s form just vanished.

Frozen to his bunk he thought he must have been dreaming. For during his childhood this is the way his mother always nudged him when she wanted him to get up and get ready for school. 

His mind clearing he remembered where he was and that his mother had passed away eight years before. A feeling of unease overwhelmed him. He quickly dressed and left his quarters.

Realizing he had an hour before his next watch he headed to the engine room seeking company. He knew one of his friends was working on the repairs. 

Just as he entered this room a deafening explosion shook the entire freighter knocking him off his feet. His friend lay on his back nearby. The ship, an easy target had been hit by a Nazi torpedo.

Within minutes the entire crew crowded into lifeboats. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Vic looked back at the freighter as he helped row the boat he was in. 

He now understood that he would have been dead if his mother had not appeared. For there was a massive hole in the ship’s starboard side and directly above this amidst the tangled wreckage is where he had been sleeping. His mother had managed to wake him up just in time. 

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