Friday, September 6, 2013

Can Meditation Awaken the Spirit Realm?

Young people or others that have begun to use meditation ask this question. They have meditated and then found they opened an unexpected door where they heard spirits whispering --sometimes even talking directly to them. 

Others report seeing these spirits in their homes afterward. Scared, they wonder if they should continue to meditate. The answer to this is yes. Most of these encounters with the “other side” are harmless, and for the few that are not, they can be controlled.

This kind of experience happens because when a person meditates, it changes the vibration of their brain waves. The increase in these vibrations narrows the gap between the dimension humans live in and the next. Basically, when brain waves alter a subtler realm of information or activity is allowed into a person’s psyche. 

So the fact that spirits are sometimes encountered during meditation and after is not a coincidence.

In fact, people purposely meditate in order to heighten their psychic abilities. Meditation has been used for centuries to communicate with spirits or spirit guides.

It is a natural reaction to be afraid when you first have this kind of encounter but what should be kept in mind is most spirits are not evil or negative in nature. I have pointed out in other posts that people rarely encounter negative energy unless they are seeking it. 

Most who have encountered spirits as a result of meditation share that the experience becomes less scary and more just a matter of whether they want to acknowledge it or ignore it.

If dark energy is encountered, it is best to keep in mind that you are in control. Even these dark energies respect a person’s free will--so it is important to keep this kind of energy in its proper perspective. 

Be aware of fear and other negative feelings, this can feed this kind of energy. A simple, practical protection is to hold a “firm belief” it cannot harm you--this takes its power away. You cannot be attacked or victimized without giving your consent.

I attribute people’s initial reaction of fear to the fact that spirit communication is represented as “scary” within American culture. 

Whereas in many cultures around the world and within our own Native American cultures the concept of spirit communications is considered a given--so it is not met with fear. In fact, these cultures seek and welcome encounters with their ancestors and spirit guides.

Keep in mind that spirits surround us already, just because meditation makes them more readily seen, heard or felt does not make them dangerous. 

One final thought--the benefits of meditation outweigh any man-made fear.

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