Friday, February 21, 2014

The Crescent Hotel’s Ghosts Part ll

In The Crescent Hotel’s Quack Doctor Part II share the history of this hotel and the story of the quack doctor who bilked cancer patients out of millions of dollars. 

Sightings of this fake doctor's ghost and a nurse that worked for him are both seen at this fully restored hotel located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

There are many other ghosts seen at this hotel.

One apparition seen is that of a red-haired stonemason that the staff at the hotel calls, Michael. This ghost is said to be one of the original craftsmen who built the hotel in 1885. While working on the roof, Michael lost his footing and slipped. He fell to the second floor and was instantly killed.

Today the spot where he fell is Room# 218. This room is one of the active areas in the hotel. Michael is known to turn the room’s lights and television on and off, he also opens and closes the door. Loud knocks are also heard in this area.

One guest saw hands come out of the bathroom mirror, while others have heard the sounds of cries and someone falling from above. Other guests have been shaken awake by unseen hands. A frightened guest was seen running from the room quickly when he was later questioned he stated that he had seen blood on the walls in the room.

The Crystal Dining Room, a large 500-seat room in the hotel is very active. Over the years, many guests and staff have spotted ghosts wearing Victorian style clothing. These apparitions are seen dancing and socializing with others.

One 19th century man is seen sitting at a table near a window. He has told witnesses that have approached him, “I saw the most beautiful woman here last night, and I am waiting for her to return.” This man is believed to be the ghost of a Dr. John Freemont Ellis who visited the hotel often during its glory days in the late 1800s.

One waitress working in this dining room spotted the image of a bride and groom in the room’s large mirror. When she turned, they were not there. She stated that the groom made eye contact with her, but when she looked again, his image just faded away.

The ghosts in the Crystal Room, like to move items. One Christmas, the staff, returned to the dining room to find that the Christmas Tree and wrapped packages that were placed under it had been moved to the other side of the room. Many of the chairs in the dining room had also been moved. They were found placed in a circle around this Christmas tree.

Yet another time the staff discovered all the dinner menus that had been left neatly stacked, the previous night were now scattered throughout the room.

In the dining room’s kitchen, a ghost of a young boy is seen skipping around. Pots and pans in this area are often found off their hooks without explanation.

Between 1908-1924, the old hotel was used for a woman’s college. One young student either was pushed or jumped to her death off a balcony.  Guests at the hotel today state they have heard her screams as she falls.

Another Victorian dressed gentleman is seen wearing a top hat near the bottom of the stairs in the hotel lobby. He has a full beard and mustache. His ghost is also seen sitting in the hotel’s bar area. When people attempt to talk to him, he doesn’t respond--instead, he just fades away.

One last ghost sighting is a waiter who is seen by guests carrying a tray of butter as he walks through the hotel’s hallways.

The Syfy show Ghost Hunters did an investigation of this hotel in 2005. They caught an image of a man on their thermal imaging camera. Here is one frame of what they captured.

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