Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Demon of Brownsville Road

This is the title of a book written by Bob Crammer.

The Crammers state a demon terrorized their home located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 10 years.

When Bob first purchased this home in 1988 he was surprised for the owner accepted his first “low-ball” offer. He had expected to haggle over the price.

Soon after the Crammer family moved into the home odd things started to happen. At first they were benign in nature. Water taps and various radios would turn on. The family got used to this quickly and “didn’t think much of it” at first.

In 2003, the odd activity intensified. Bob began to believe that something was out to get them. The family not of the Catholic faith asked for help from the local bishop. Several priests blessed the property. While in the home several of their crucifixes and crosses were bent or broken in half.

After this, the Crammers started to see a mysterious foul substance splattered across the home’s wallpaper. When this liquid was tested it was determined it contained human skin cells.

Bob and his wife would wake up some mornings with scratches and bite marks on their bodies. Rosary beads or crosses worn around people's necks would always be mangled by the evil entity in the home.

An expert demonologist was called in to preform an exorcism--this process actually took 3 years. Bob states that after this his family finally had peace--they still live in the home. More information about Bob’s book, Demon of Brownsville Road can be found here.

One place book can be purchased.

Here is a link to an interview that Bob Crammer did with Mike Pintek on KDKA News Radio. The details he shares are horrifying.

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