Friday, April 25, 2014

Texas “Murder Mansion” Haunted

Nir Golan recently signed a lease to rent a “million-dollar” home in the Houston, Texas suburb of Seabrook. He thought he had gotten a good deal for the home’s rent was priced low considering its size.

Golan was ready to move into the waterfront property when he discovered its grisly history.

Another mansion that had sat on the property in the 1980s had been demolished. It had a reputation for being a “murder mansion.” In 1984 a millionaire, Bill List had owned the home. List was a vicious predator who let local teenage boys stay at his home, and then gave them food and drugs in return for sexual favors.

These boys one night rallied together and shot and killed List.

The original mansion.
Golan found out the home was considered haunted after he signed the lease and paid a substantial deposit. He discovered that a lot of people had seen, “shadows of children on the property.”

Most of his friends informed him they would not visit his new home.

Golan, whose religion does not allow him to live in an area that is haunted, requested his deposit back.

The realtor had not informed him of the properties history or that it was considered haunted. Evidently, in Texas, the law, does not stipulate that people are required to disclose a property as stigmatized--either because of past violence that results in a death or because of a haunting.

So far, the homeowner has agreed to let Golan out of the lease but Golan is suing to get his money back.

One argument that is being used in this case is the fact that the murder occurred in the former mansion--over 30 years ago. But just because this house was torn down does not mean the haunting has stopped.

Read my post here about the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas that was gutted in a bad fire. A new hotel, Bally’s was built on the same property and is still haunted by the victims of this fire.

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Yes, this is known as "soured land," and must be exorcised by anyone with that gift or ability before the land can be made sacred again.