Sunday, April 13, 2014

Two Tap Dancing Ghosts

A local legend in Stowe, Vermont states that a ghost from the 1800s haunts the historic Green Mountain Inn located in the village center.

Boots Berry was the inn’s horseman just like his father before him. He was born in Room 302 in the servant’s quarters in the hotel.

He was nicknamed, Boots because he loved to tap dance. He became a local hero when he saved a stagecoach full of hotel guests.

Boots’ one vice was drinking. This fault eventually resulted in him being dismissed from the hotel. It is said that after years of wandering around the country Boots returned to Stowe in the fall of 1902.

He again showed his courage when he saved a child from the roof of the inn during a bad snowstorm.

But he wasn’t able to save himself. It is said he slipped and fell from the roof to his death. Ironically, he was standing above the room he was born in at the time.

Both workers and guests at the Green Mountain Inn ever since have reported hearing Boot’s gleefully tap dancing on the inn’s roof.

Disembodied Tap Shoes

While doing research for the story above I came across the following gem.

This creative animated short is of a little legless ghost girl who becomes enchanted by a pair of disembodied mischievous tap shoes. As she watches them tap out the beat to the song, “Moses Supposes” from the musical Singin’ in the Rain she decides all they lack is a body to accompany their fancy footwork.


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