Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ghosts of Dug Hill, Part ll

Troy Taylor in his book entitled, The Big Book of Illinois Ghost Stories * shares the following story about Dug Hill Road located in southern Illinois.

The Booger

Many years ago the children of the residents of Egypt, Illinois were afraid of a monster known as the booger. This monster was not just based on a fictional story but instead was considered by many adults to be real.

Taylor in his book shares one man’s story. Frank Corzine is believed to have encountered this booger or boogeyman. Corzine’s wife was ill and one night he rode his horse across Dug Hill to fetch the local doctor.

As Corzine traveled down one narrow trail he saw a dark figure standing in the distance at the edge of the woods. He described this figure as being at least 8 feet tall. It wore a white shirt and dark pants. Corzine noted it had a long scarf flung over its shoulders.

Corzine became frightened when this figure who was initially several yards away from him was able to move quickly to his side.

Not stopping to think Corzine kicked his horse into a fast run. He was startled to see that this dark figure despite it being on foot was able to keep up with him even after he urged his mount to move faster.

Corzine managed to ride out of the cut uninjured. At this point the figure disappeared. As he rode into Dr. Russell’s yard this man noted he was pale and his horse was stomping and snorting.

Corzine told the doctor what he had seen.

The doctor believed him for just a few nights before he had encountered the same mysterious dark figure. The description Corzine gave matched his own.

The doctor refused to return to tend to Corzine’s wife stating they should wait for daylight. Corzine fearful his wife was going to die convinced him to change his mind but not before he gathered 8 of the doctor’s neighbors together.

These men armed with shotguns escorted Corzine and Dr. Russell through the Dug Hill cut. The strange dark figure did not appear again that night. Nor has anyone seen it since.

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* Troy Taylor’s book is available in the Amazon Kindle store. It is also available in print at Stackpole Books here.

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