Monday, May 19, 2014

Haunted Grandfather Clocks

Clocks often remind us of just how short life is. People often refer to time as “running out.” Others refer to it in terms of “not enough time” or “fleeting.”

There are many tales of haunted furniture. Helen, an assistant editor of a Denver, Colorado newspaper, shared the following story. It is compelling.

She writes…

One heirloom, a grandfather clock was passed down through five generations of my family.

This clock was unusual in that it not only noted the time of day but also the time of death of its owners.

My great, great grandfather was the original owner of this clock. At the exact hour and minute of his death, his favorite clock stopped ticking.

My great uncle then inherited this clock. His death also was noted by this amazing timepiece’s failure to continue keeping time.

The next owner of the clock was Helen’s grandfather. This man’s life ended at the exact moment this heirloom clock stopped.

Helen’s father was the next family member to own this timepiece. He weary of these coincidences decided to stop the clock and put it in storage. One can’t blame him.

The clock this time did not note his passing. Helen, anxious to end the strange connection this clock had to her family, decided to sell it.

Author J. Michael Norman shared the story above, he also told the following brief story about another inherited clock.

After one family’s uncle died, they moved various items that he had left to them into their home.

The largest of these items was an old grandfather clock. They quickly came to believe this clock was still connected to their deceased relative.

Whenever they stood near it they experienced odd emotions, they also often felt cold spots.

Strangest of all, they smelled the strong scent of their uncles’ favorite pipe tobacco when they were near this clock.

They decided to remove all of their Uncle’s possessions from their home. Things calmed down, and they no longer felt their uncle’s presence.


AAVC said...

I myself have a “spirited” grandfather clock. I inherited it after my father died. He bought it 10 years ago, its not an expensive clock and over the years it became broken and started to fall apart but he cared about it anyway and it was in the room with him when he died. When I got it, I rebuilt it, and refinished it, the clock looks great now. But once we put it in the house strange thing began to happen, light would turn on in room we were not in. things would disappear from the place we would place them only to show back up again, and the clock itself is a constant 8min behind. I have adjusted the clock, set the time ahead, but the clock will always fall back to being 8min behind and stay there

Virginia Lamkin said...

Do you think it is your father's spirit connected to it?

AAVC said...

I am pretty sure that it is, I had a few other strange things that happened to me after my father died. and nothing happened in our home until I placed the clock in it.

Unknown said...

My grandpa had an old clock. My mom and I got it when he died. Every time we touch the candles that his mom gave us the clock chimes. The scary thing is that the clock hasn’t worked since he died

Virginia Lamkin said...


Unknown said...

I have antique clock that chimed when there is a death in family. It hasn't worked in years