Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Way to Protect Children from Ghosts

If parents or guardians feel their home is haunted or that their child has encountered a ghost the supervising adult can create a special “amulet” to protect their child.

Children are easier targets for ghosts for several reasons. They are still innocent and have not been programmed yet by society, television, films or their parents that they should be wary of ghosts. * Most children do not even realize ghosts exist.

This innocence makes them more susceptible to being visited by a ghost.

Angel made out of paper plate.
One simple way to protect a child is to make angels with them. Gather together items such as, construction paper, markers, glue, glitter, sequins, pipe cleaners or any other items that can be used to adorn the angels.

Simple patterns for angels can be found here and here.

Cut out the angels--at least four angels should be made. As the adult helps the child  decorate their angels talk to them about God or any “higher power” that the family believes in.

This is not magic--it just allows the adult to infuse the angels with good energy in order to protect the child. After these angels are made they can be sprinkled with holy water, olive oil, or sea salt--this step is left to the comfort level of the adult.

Paper Clip Angel
The final step is to help the child hang these angels around the room they sleep in. One can be placed on their headboard, another at the foot of their bed. Place one outside their bedroom door and one on their closet door.

You may choose to make even more angels and continue to hang them. The reason for this activity is not only to make your child “feel safe” but also to protect them from negative entities.

Debi Chestnut in her book entitled, How To Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits recommends the activity above. She has used these angels to protect her own grandchildren from spirits that were bothering them during the night.

* Not all ghosts are negative--most are benign or neutral in nature but when it comes to children it is always best to be cautious.

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