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Eastern State Penitentiary, Part ll

The first thing the visitor notices about Eastern State is the old prison’s gloomy high stonewalls. Once inside, the crumbling corridors and stark cells look like a spooky “haunted place.”

This prisons 142 history is filled with suicides, madness, disease, murder, and torture,

The harsh punishments metered out to many of the thousands of Eastern State’s inmates over the years are why many feel this prison is one of America’s Most Haunted.

Methods of Torture

One form of torture employed was known as the Water Bath. This is where inmates where dunked or hung out on an outside wall in winter until ice formed on their skin.

Another form of torture used was known as the Mad Chair. Inmates were bound so tightly that their circulation was cut off--necessitating many amputations.

The Iron Gag was when prisoners had their hands tied behind their backs. Their mouths were then strapped into an iron collar. Any movement on the prisoners’ part caused the tongue to tear and bleed profusely.

The Hole was dark underground cells where unfortunate inmates had no light, no human contact, no exercise, no toilet, and little food and air. Some prisoners spiraled into madness when placed in these cells.

The Ghosts

Eastern State, which officially closed in 1971, was first suspected of being haunted in the 1940s.

There are many witness reports.

Cellblock four is considered to be extremely active. Voices are heard echoing and cackling. Ghostly faces are seen in this area.

In other parts of the prison wails, whispers, and footsteps are heard.

In Cellblock six, witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures darting along the walls.

Many witnesses have reported seeing a silhouette of a guard in one of the towers.

A Legendary Story

One story often told happened to Gary Johnson, who helps maintain the prison.

Johnson early one morning in 1990, was opening Cellblock four when he felt a force grip him so tight he was unable to move. He states an invisible negative force burst out of a cell and surrounded him.

He then saw several tormented faces along the walls. One of these forms beckoned to him. He exited quickly.

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