Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Campfire Story: Creak

This is a good one to tell to children--it is simple but it elicits quite a response.

Creak, what was that? It is a faint sound, in the distance-- but I hear it.

Crack, was that something snapping? Or is someone trampling about?

I am in my room reading. It is quiet where I sit except for the fire burning.

I hear a creak--it is just the old house settling? I am letting my imagination get the best of me.

I hear another Crack-- perhaps it is just a small animal outside my window.

Whoosh… was that the wind?

stand up and peer out my bedroom window. It is a clear night with a full moon. Laughing at my nervousness I return to my book.

Creak, I bravely chuckle at the sound.

Crack, how could these simple sounds have made me so nervous?

Whoosh, it must be really breezy tonight.

Thump, did I hear that in the house?

As I stare into the fire my nerves are rattled. I need to regain my composure.



Whoosh, will these sounds never cease?

Thump, thump, thump

Closer, it must be getting closer. I put down my book and close my eyes. I desperately try to think of something else.






Thump, thump, thump… then there is a pause.

I move quietly toward the door. Another thump, I step back, yes, it is getting closer. Thump, I stare at the door trying to see through it.

Thump, I reach for the doorknob, my hand is shaking. I no longer can wait.

Creak, a loose floorboard stepped on near the door-- on the other side.

Thump, I slowly open the door…

A Scream

Then silence…

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