Saturday, December 20, 2014

9/11 Shanksville Angel Story

Flight 93 crashed on a Pennsylvania field in 2001. This flight was a target during the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Lillie Leonardi was a “Community Outreach Specialist” with the Pittsburgh Division of the FBI in 2001. She arrived at this field shortly after the crash.

In her book entitled, Shadow of a Badge she recounts an amazing sight she saw that day.

A Field of Angels

“ As I looked across the vast field, I saw a shimmering light by my left shoulder. It was almost blinding.

It evolved into a foggy white mist. This mist began to move and grow--swirling in patterns of spectacular white light.

Then the mist took shape. It was to the left of the crash site. A legion of angels appeared.

There were hundreds of them standing in columns--an entire field of angels looking at the debris.

They were dressed in what appeared to be warrior garments. They stood at the perimeter of the site. Their faces glowed brightly as one--both intense, beautiful, and gentle.

One angel stood at their lead before them--he was calmly in command.”

Pennsylvania Crash Site

Reinforced Faith

Leonardi, a Catholic, believes this lead angel was the archangel, Michael--the guardian of enforcement.

She states that this scene is forever etched in her memory--she calls it a “spiritual event.”

She watched in wonder, as these angels then started to guide the deceased away from the crash site.

She notes some of the deceased accepted “their help” readily and chose to go with these guides while others remained behind.

Leonardi states this confirmed her belief, that humans have free will. They can move on or not, but it was apparent to her that day everyone was welcome.

I wrote another post about a first responder that saw a ghost at a 9/11 World Trade Center landfill, here.

Lillie Leonardi's book can be found here.

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