Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Haunted Fireside Lounge

Fireside Lounge
The Fireside Lounge is a bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

After a regular customer donated some items from a tenant that had passed away during surgery-- strange activity began to occur.

Employees and patrons of this bar noticed strange noises, their names being called out and light anomalies in photographs taken during their special theme nights.

Bartenders saw shadows move across one of the bar’s walls and they and customers saw items move.

The manager decided to check out the Fireside’s surveillance DVR cameras to see if they captured this unusual activity. She and other employees confirmed these items were actually moving on there own because the cameras did record these items change position, lift up, roll or fall off bar, etc.

The bar’s cameras have picked quite a few of these occurrences.

It has been five years since the activity was first noticed and it still occurs. Recently, a full-bodied apparition was seen in the bar.

The television series My Ghost Story did a segment on the hauntings at this bar. This show was part of their Holiday Hauntings show.

It highlights the unusual activity the Fireside Lounge’s cameras have picked up as well as interviews with the manager and employees that work in the bar.

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