Friday, December 19, 2014

Long Distance Advice

As 2014 draws to a close I decided to clarify my role on Seeks Ghosts.

Periodically, I get requests from readers for help with a haunting they are experiencing.

I don’t even give advice to local clients until after I have investigated their home or business etc. Often this means more than one visit on my part.

For those of you that contact me requesting help--understand that I never presume to give advice long-distance--this would be irresponsible on my part.

I always suggest that people seek help from a local ghost investigation team, clergy etc. They would be able to offer more valuable help than I.

Having stated the above--know that I care but without first hand knowledge of people’s individual cases my advice would be in the realm of just speculation.

My group and I are semi-retired --these days we rarely travel long distance to do investigations.

There are plenty of investigators out there to take our place--LOL

Happy Holidays everyone!

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