Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Extra Wedding Guest

Last month, newlyweds Kevin and Christina D., who live in Virginia were going through their wedding photographs when they noticed something creepy in one of their favorite photos taken that day.

They had posted this photo on their Facebook page to share with friends and family.

They had viewed it several times but had not initially noticed anything odd. That is until they viewed it online.

It appears no one initially noticed anything peculiar. Comments below the photo on Facebook mentioned how cute or beautiful the couple looks. Others mention how happy people are for them, yet other commentors mention they are missed.

The image shows the couple happily leaning in and touching brow to brow. But what they later saw was an extra face--close behind them.

The face appears to be peering ominously.

At first Christina thought this must be her sister but when the couple inspected the photo closer they realized the face did not resemble anyone they knew.

They asked friends and family if anyone had “photo bombed” them. No one had and no one recognized the odd face.

What the couple found even more disturbing is they did not remember anyone being that close behind them during the time this photo was taken.

The face remains a mysterious. Needless to say, this photo is no longer their favorite wedding picture.

Here is the photo they placed on their Facebook page. At first I didn’t see the face but then I spotted it. It is looking downward, the nose and eyes are between the couple’s mouths and chins.
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