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Edgar Cayce's Ghosts

Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce is recognized as the 20th centuries most famous American psychic. His life and work are well documented.

Cayce’s intuitive abilities were discovered at an early age. He was struggling in school with his spelling when called upon, he could not spell the word “cabin.”

Once at home, his father angry at his failure demanded he stay up--all night if necessary--to learn his spelling lesson for that week. Cayce found he could not focus. By 11:00 p.m., he started to nod off since it was way past his bedtime.

His head dropped onto his spelling book, and just before he dozed off, he heard a voice within himself state, “Sleep, and we may help you.”

When he awoke a few minutes later he knew how to spell every word in the book, and he could tell the page number where each word was located.

Cayce found for the rest of his life all he had to do was sleep on a book, and when he awoke he knew the information inside it.

As a young man, Cayce discovered he was a medical intuitive. He could go into a trance and use his psychic powers to diagnose a person’s illness--he then could tell that person what treatment should be used to cure their disease.

His grandparents: Thomas and Sarah Cayce.
His parents  Leslie and Carrie seated, Edgar, standing behind father holding son Hugh.
Edgar’s wedding day with bride Gertrude.
Edward Cayce in 1943 two years before death.
Because of Cayce’s abilities, he was dubbed the Sleeping Prophet. He is also considered the father of holistic medicine.

Edgar Cayce never profited from helping others with his psychic powers. He felt his gift was from God and that it was his duty to help others.

One of my favorite stories about his medical intuition follows.

A young girl appeared suddenly to go mad. She did not respond to any of the traditional medical treatments that were given. Her parents, in desperation, asked Edgar Cayce for help.

In a sleep state, Cayce described the trouble the young girl was having as an impacted wisdom tooth that was disrupting her nerve and brain function. He stated when the tooth was removed, the problem would disappear.

Cayce had never seen this young girl and he was 400 miles away from the hospital where the girl was staying.

When a dentist was brought in to examine her, he found the impaction Cayce had referred to. He removed the tooth. Four hours later, the girl became her usual self. She never again showed signs of mental illness.

Cayce had several encounters with ghosts in his childhood--to the delight of his mother and to the chagrin of his father.

Valda F. Carlson wrote a brief composition about Cayce’s early encounters entitled, The Vision of Promise.

As a child, Cayce had a group of playmates--both male and female--that were ghosts.

Not many of the adults around him could see these apparitions, but a young neighbor girl, Anna Seay, who played with Cayce, saw them too. She and Edgar played happily for hours with these unusual playmates in the woods and in the shade of the cool barns.

Edgar’s mother believed him because she saw them too--it was she who understood her son’s talents best.

One day, as she glanced out the window, she saw these playmates waiting in the yard. She told Edgar, “Go play with your friends. They’re waiting.” Edgar was happy; she could see them as well.

Cayce often told others he was amazed his friends could run in the rain without getting wet. He also wondered why they always disappeared when adults came near.

One afternoon, as Edgar talked and laughed with his friends in a field his father approached and asked him who he was talking to?

Edgar replied, “My friends.” His father then asked him, “Where are they?” Edgar pointed and said, “Right here.” But his father couldn’t see them.

Sugrue book
There Is a River.
Thomas Sugrue, a life-long friend of Cayce wrote the official biography about Cayce’s life. In his book, he talks about other encounters Cayce had with ghosts. Here is just one.

After Cayce’s grandfather died in a horseback riding accident Cayce saw his ghost several times. Sometimes he would see him in the barns where the tobacco was being fired.

He stated he could see right through his grandpa if he tried real hard. He mentioned his sightings to his grandmother and mother, but he never talked about it in the presence of his father--knowing it would anger him.

Edgar Cayce lived from 1877 to 1945. He founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 1931. After his death, his son ran it, then his grandson, who retired in 2008.

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